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Jacob Eyeru

Chairperson of the National Youth Council 2020-2025 @


Jacob Eyeru is the Chairperson of the National Youth Council & has previously served as the 3rd EAC Youth Ambassador to Uganda and the national head of the Debate Society of Uganda. Jacob’s other service roles included being a member of the African Union Youth Front on Corona Virus and a member of the AU-EU Youth working group under the office of the African Union Youth Envoy. Among his achievements is the award of an inspirational student of the year at Makerere University in 2014, numerous top speaker and debate winning accolades at national and regional levels on the African continent, being recognized by the UONGOZI institute as one of the top 50 emerging young African leaders in 2017 as well as being part of the EAC Youth Ambassadorsteam that initiated the creation of the East African Youth Council by petition and drafting of the EAC youth council bill. Jacob has done numerous works in the areas of civic education, activism and political participation with organizations and political parties nationally and regionally

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