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Ronald Hakiza

Entrepreneur | CEO @ UgaBus


Known as the ‘BusMan’ by travellers across East Africa and the 'Slum Titan' by his peers for his developmental contribution to Kampala’s slums, Ronald Hakiza is a visionary entrepreneur steering local solutions in emerging markets. He is the founder of Ugabus Inc, Uganda’s pioneer online travel aggregator for buses which he has grown to be the Number 1 ticketing app serving hundreds of bus travellers. A curious product manager, innovative optimist and charismatic leader, Hakiza has been featured on CNN, NBS TV, Urban TV, and his story been written in several media platforms like NewVision among several others. As the CEO of the award-winning Ugabus Inc, He’s bootstrapped the company through organic growth from zero to hundreds of users annually since its start in 2017. Through his business acumen, African zeal and fighter spirit, he has stayed the course even when the odds worked against him. As a result of this resilience, Hakiza has been a recipient of the prestigious African Entrepreneurship Award, 2008 Casablanca, Morocco. He was also nominee of the Young Achievers Award and was honoured to be the delegate to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 in Silicon Valley. He has been trained, mentored and accelerated by some of the most sought after programs like Growth Africa, YALI, African Mobility Initiative(Powered by Shell Foundation) which together have sharpened him into a new generation Entrepreneur with a good grasp of the African entrepreneurial landscape. Beyond the travel sector, Hakiza sits on the board of Mr.Gift Uganda Ltd, the country’s leading gifting company and he has also served on several leadership committees and spoken at various platforms. At 29, Hakiza has travelled to every town Uganda’s by bus and together been to 217 towns in East and Central Africa by road as of December 2020. He is thrilled by latest innovations and has been an ardent follower of the blockchain technology since 2017.

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